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ACI Services – Mentoring

Nobody has all the skills needed to conceive, set up, grow and maintain a successful business – that’s why the most effective businesses, large and small, run on teamwork.


That’s fine, but when it’s your business the buck stops with you. Decisions are yours to make and there are times when you need an objective view – someone outside of the business who will challenge your ideas, offer a different perspective, or be there simply to talk things through.


Roy Goff, founder and chairman of ACI Legal, mentors several companies and individuals who recognise that a balanced, no-nonsense view founded on 45 years of being in business and sitting on numerous boards of directors is a useful thing to be able to call on.


Mentoring is a combination of many skills, including knowledge and experience, and it’s there when you need it, whether that’s out of hours or even at weekends, when you need that quiet chat or a fresh take on what’s going on.

ACI Legal has considerable resources and a lifetime’s worth of contacts to tap into. If you are open-minded and enjoy being challenged set up a meeting with Roy – he could become your secret weapon… or a new and valuable friend.


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