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ACI Services – Funding

ACI Legal has considerable experience in raising commercial finance for projects from banks and private investors alike.


The key to a successful outcome is making the right approach with a clear proposition that is well presented, fully thought out and delivered concisely.


Having established the right platform on which to build a relationship and been assured of the potential funder’s interest, only then do we begin to negotiate the best deal for financing the project.


We have never seen funding secured by people the investor didn’t like, but we have seen many rejected because they played the wrong tactics. It’s not just about the money – the funder needs to fit the project and many potential deals fall through because brokers tout their clients to unsuitable funders.


As a client of ACI Legal we will help you prepare a comprehensive proposal and then deal directly with funding organisations and investors, only approaching them with projects we are able to fully endorse.


It can take considerable time to secure a term sheet or letter of offer and we only work on a retained basis with carefully selected clients who understand the way we operate.


If you can do business on those terms then we’d love to hear from you.


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