Grow and secure a healthy future for your business.

ACI Services – Business Incubation

ACI Legal loves helping establish, grow and secure healthy futures for start up and early stage businesses.


In many ways your business is like a child – you are legally responsible for it and it’s up to you to nurture it, take care of it and act in its best interests. But it can be tough and there will be times you need professional support.


ACI Legal’s business incubation service creates a safe space for your business to grow where it can be protected from harm.


Before you even launch a venture we can go through and refine your projections, plans and forecasts, make suggestions and offer advice to prepare you for the moment you go live.


Once you’re up and running our experts will be on hand as you find your feet, reassuring your backers and guiding you through any teething troubles.


Further down the line the experienced team at ACI Legal adds weight when you want help finding the right people for your business, or tapping into new funding sources.


If you’re in business or about to set up a business you clearly have no shortage of inspiration, but working with ACI Legal will give you access to the kind of objective and consequential thinking that is the result of years of experience.


We think of it as parental advice – and we could all do with that from time to time.


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